Massage Therapies



Smooth, gliding strokes promote relaxation and reduce pain and joint stiffness.

50 min. $65

80 min. $95


Ideal for sufferers of chronic muscle tension, this technique uses slower strokes and more direct, deep pressure and friction applied across the grain of the muscles to relax the deeper layer of muscle tissue.

50 min. $75

80 min. $105

Hot Stone

Melt away tension and stress as slow, carefully orchestrated massage techniques allow a continuous flow of heat to infuse the body and impart a deep sense of relaxation.

50 min. $100

80 min. $130


Fusion of several massage modalities, such as deep-tissue, Swedish, reflexology, Thai, and cranial customized to your wants and needs; includes hot stones.

50 min. $125

80 min. $155


Treat the mother-to-be with our gentle, soothing massage lovingly composed for those expecting.

50 min. $70


Massage of shoulders, neck and arms

30 min. $50

Head, Hand & Feet Renewal

Rejuvenate with this hydrating massage that specifically targets the neck, face, scalp, hands and feet.

50 min. $60

Abhyanga Massage

Abhyanga is a gentle, healing massage treatment consisting of long, circular movements on the muscles and joints. The massage is performed using various warm medicated oils.The objective of the massage is to sooth the body and soul, relieve stress from the body, and restore the flow of vital energy, in areas where it may have become blocked.

60 min. $125

Pinda Swedana

Pinda Swedana is a healing treatment that is performed in circular movements using a bundle of soft material containing rice and/or soothing medicinal herbs. The massage enhances circulation, improves muscle tone, strengthens the nervous system, restores vitality, and provides the entire body with a warm feeling of calm.

60 min. $125

Thai Massage

Thai techniques can be incorporated into other massage modalities or performed as a massage on its own. The practitioner uses their thumbs, palm, elbows and knees to press, pull and stretch, guiding the recipient into various assisted yoga postures. This modality can be relaxing or invigorating, depending on the clients goal. Although Thai massage is deeply relaxing, those who are looking to improve flexibility and range of motion may greatly benefit from this type of massage.

60 min. $150